Welcome to Turnstile, the home of football nostalgia.

    All football fans have a moment that made them fall in love with their club. Be it a particular player, game or goal, these nostalgic memories are engrained into the psyche of every fan. Turnstile is a space to indulge these sepia-tinged feelings for football ‘back then’, whenever ‘back then’ is for you.

    We’ll track down ex players, trawl the internet for the greatest goals from yesteryear, and generally remind you of a time before football lost its soul.

    Every week on this very website and our Facebook page, we will uncover these forgotten gems. We’ll give you the opportunity to get lost in a world where Bergkamp, Zola and Yeboah still rule the roost. Where Best, Bullard and Friday prove there’s more to the beautiful game than eleven blokes kicking a ball around a pitch.